Xbox Infinity [Rumor]

Xbox-InfinityYou have to love anonymous sources. According to them, the name of the new Microsoft console will be “Xbox Infinity” as reported by Gamespot, IGN and other websites. We won’t know for sure until May 21, but that won’t stop the Internet from speculating.

If this is the real name of the console I think it fits in with Microsoft trying to take over the living room. The tagline that’s been making its rounds is “Infinite entertainment. Infinite possibilities.”  This is a smart move if Microsoft continues to go after the non gamer market. I know a bunch of people who bought Xbox 360’s just so they could stream Netflix and HBO Go. 360 and 720 don’t really mean anything, so “Infinity” at least has a lot of marketing potential putting more of a focus on its music and television streaming and the ability to order Pizza Hut. That’s what the people want, Pizza Hut (read this in a sarcastic tone).

The Infinity symbol, the sideways 8, could also mean something since Windows 8 is the other big product Microsoft is pushing.

What do you think of the name?



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