Nintendo is Getting Ready for E3

090107_reggie21Nintendo is skipping E3. They’re doomed. Anyone who bought the Wii U is going to be on welfare within the year. These are the words of the wise Internet, who for the last few weeks were debating if Nintendo needed to show up at E3. Nintendo said they were going to have a presentation but not have its annual press conference and to many this meant a white flag of surrender.

Before E3 begins, Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto will hold a presentation for the media. This will be one of two events Nintendo plans to hold. The focus will be on the software that’s set to hit America and what can be played at E3.

After the event ends the press will be able to check out the software before anyone else. With the recent success of Nintendo’s Direct videos, it was kind of unclear whether they’d ignore the press altogether and talk directly to consumers but this approach seems a lot wiser.

E3 isn’t as popular or important as it once was, but to ignore the media completely might have been suicide. The PS4 was announced through Sony’s own event and that was on everyone’s radar. Time will tell if this is a smart move for Nintendo, and if not, they’ll be back next year.




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