I’m Glad the FPS Mega Man was Cancelled

maverick_hunter_art_fullWhen I heard about Marverick Hunter the same day I learned it would never come out, I was crushed. A first person Mega Man shooter was taken right out of my brain and slapped on a disc. I’m a huge fan of Metroid: Prime, and I actually wondered why there wasn’t an fps Mega Man game. Imagine my surprise to find out not only was Capcom working on this game, but they cancelled it.

After seeing some concept art, I’m glad the game didn’t see the light of day. When I think of Mega Man, I think of a blue guy. The same blue guy who jumped around in the cartoon and is now teaming up with Sonic the Hedgehog in the comics. That is not what this looks like. This was the feeling I got when I first saw the new suit for the Robocop remake.

I’d love to play a new Mega Man game, but not like this. Not like this.


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