EA May Have Done Nintendo a Favor

Wii-U-Gamepad-with-EA-SportsIt is now known EA will not be supporting the Wii U. Some of EA’s biggest titles like, Battlefield 4 and Madden will not be on the console making the Wii U not worth purchasing. I mean why would you buy something that won’t have all of the hottest games available for it? The general idea that Nintendo is screwed is making its rounds on the Internet but I think this is the best thing that could have happened to Nintendo.

The most common criticism about the Wii U is there’s no reason to get it. The GamePad hasn’t demonstrated how it is a necessity and the system has “no games.” The games it does have, people feel they can play on other consoles. Arkham City, Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty, didn’t do much to help sell the system. Granted these games were old, but new titles like Injustice: Gods Among Us had little to no impact either and I found out today the game won’t even have DLC support.

Now, people are bashing the Wii U for not being different enough when the issue with the Wii was it was too different. Losing a company like EA is a huge blow to any console, but Nintendo is probably the only console that could bounce back from it. Nintendo has enough franchises to fill the void EA games will leave.

The annual installment of Dead Space would not be missed with a new Zelda title around the corner. Need for Speed won’t be an issue if there was a Mario Kart game with an online community to back it up. EA is a successful company, no doubt about it, but their games are only active for a few months until the new installment next year. Nintendo on the other hand can drop a racing game and have it be played for two or three years.

The Wii sold enough systems which allowed Nintendo to drop the ball on getting games. With the Wii U, the software and hardware sales are terrible and EA has left Nintendo no choice but to be different than Microsoft and Sony. Now if Nintendo wants a racing game on their system they are forced to come out with Mario Kart. If Nintendo wants to sell units they can’t release games when they’re good and ready, and as time has shown, they move at their own pace. The 3DS was in a similar state when it was first launched and Nintendo has turned the tables by giving customers what they want, more Nintendo games. EA has had no impact on the success of the 3DS and the Wii U will have to create its own similar path.

The 3DS isn’t even 3 years old and it has sold over 30 million units and has just about every major franchise available. If Nintendo plays its cards right EA has created a powerful enemy, and if not, I’m getting a PS4.


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