Ray’s The Dead, My Pax East Highlight

This weekend, there were a ton of great games at PaxEast, but one of my favorite games that I played wasn’t a quarter billion dollar AAA title. Ragtag Studio’s Ray’s The Dead was one of the highlights of the weekend for me. It was described to Destructoid as Pikmin with zombies, and after playing the game I’m okay with that.

You play as Ray, a zombie with the ability to raise the dead from their graves and tell them what to do. I started alone, raised my first zombie, made him attack a human and then controlled the zombie that human turned into (I think that makes sense). After running into a fence I couldn’t take down by myself I gathered a horde of zombies large enough to take down the fence and progress through the level.

The controls were easy to learn and really responsive. Within seconds I was able to send my minions after humans which I assume is the whole point of being a zombie in the first place, though the second level shows us we can still have a great time while not ripping every living thing apart. The second level demonstrated a nice variety in the game design, showing each chapter wouldn’t be the same thing over and over. The second level has you avoiding dogs who can detect you and not killing any humans.

Ray’s the Dead will be out later this year on PC, MAC and Linux. You can find out more about the game at their Official Website and check out this great write up by Polygon.


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