The Problem With The Quest For Equality In Games

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There’s lately been a trend in the video game “news” industry of politicizing everything in video games. I have to admit it’s a great strategy for an editor in chief. Fox News and the Huffington Post have made a lot of money by reporting on the “other side” and creating the image of fairness or being informative.

Lately there’s been a feminist movement in video games to promote what the advocates say is “equality” in gaming. This force is very vocal and organized which is great to see from a community that is perceived by outsiders as slackers. They’ve done a great job of promoting awareness to the lack of strong women protagonists which is something I completely agree with, but the inclusion of more women things would hardly be equal.

As a black gamer I watch this rhetoric from these “journalists” promoting equality to be amusing. I’m sure in their eyes its equal to have the same number of men and women in games however they only question one trait and that’s the characters sex. Where does age or race come into play? It doesn’t.

There’s a lot of talk about there being no women in games but leave a comment with your 3 favorite games with a great Indian protagonist. I’ll wait. I understand self promotion but the debates have so many personal views mixed in them they serve one population and don’t REALLY do anything to promote an equality.

I don’t make light of the issue but when YouTubers like Anita Sarkeesian suggest that every game is a conspiracy to oppress females it takes away from what should be a fun hobby. Oh you thought Super Mario Bros. was a fun game? It was really just a tool to treat women as objects. Oh you silly gamers, you’ve been had. Bamboozled. Lead a stray.

It’s funny how the desire to promote inclusion still seems to exclude so many. An educated factual discussion regarding females (and other minorities) in video games would be great but that’s not what is happening but there’s still no shortage of “news” posts about them.



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  1. wait your black? this changes everything!
    JK! there is def too many white plumbers in games but Toad looked Mixed at least, and lets face it Luigi is special. 🙂
    As to your point, yes we do need more races/faces represented and not just more woman. And no Mario was not a sexist game that was a conspiracy against woman. If anything Mario is just a poor shlup of a plumber who can never seem to rescue the princess or improve his station in life… and the princess is always filthy rich and living in castles… although really unprotected ones since Bowser is always able to kidnap her arse. So in conclusion who would you rather be when you grow up? plumber or a princess? I rest my case. 😉

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