So, That’s How Micro Transactions Work

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 11.58.15 PMFor the most part I don’t buy dlc of any kind. Aside from the occasional map pack and new story modes, the initial game is enough for me. I bought Gears of War: Judgment today and while playing Team Deathmatch I noticed there weren’t many characters to choose from. You can choose to play as one of nine characters, so in a game where the matches are usually five on five, somebody is going to have to share a character. You can customize yourself further but the skins (that you unlock) are very few. So I was surprised there are a lot of skins you can purchase for 400 Microsoft Points.

Usually I’m pretty satisfied with the content that’s on the disk. Games like Uncharted 3 have a lot of characters to choose from and a lot of different skins and accessories to unlock so I was never tempted to buy anything. In the new Gears of War game, the opposite is true. Studios have started to release the minimum amount of content. Gamers can enjoy playing even if they don’t pay for any micro transactions and will not be at a disadvantage to anyone who does. That’s a good thing. But if you want to play a game with your friends and not look identical to them it’ll cost you.

What’s to stop games from going further and just removing all characters and skins from a game. Skins don’t affect gameplay (for the most part) so it doesn’t seem farfetched for a game to charge you for the luxury of appearing visually different from the other players in a game. Maybe the next online game will feature one character and no skins. You’d still be able to play Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag games just fine, except everyone will be the default character model until they dish out some extra money.

At $60 for the game and  $20 for a season pass, the last thing I expected was to have to drop an additional 400 points for a suit that looks like a skeleton.I’m sure this practice isn’t going to go away and it’ll get worse before it gets better.


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