Killzone 2 and 3 Are Getting Bonus Weekends

4635023429_6092d6fc3dThis year there will be 2 new Killzone games coming out. In September, the PS Vita will get Killzone: Mercenary. From the previews it looks like this could be the first great FPS on the handheld, but with Aliens: Colonial Marines I’m not trusting too many previews these days. The PS4 will get Killzone: Shadow Fall which looks insane and will be available at launch, but Guerrilla Games doesn’t want you to forget about the Killzone games that are available right now.

From Thursday, Mach 28 (6:00 PM UK time) until Tuesday, April 2 (10:00 AM UK time) there will be Double XP bonuses for players of Killzone 2 and Killzone 3. This will be a good time to catch up to veteran players or retire the game with a fully unlocked profile.

I’m going to dust off my disc and play during these weeks, though it won’t be easy with Bioshock: Infinite coming out around that time.



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