The Most Important Button Since The A Button

dualshock_4_share_buttonSony may be giving us the most game changing feature to a controller since the analog stick. Last week Sony showed us the PlayStation 4 and introduced us to the “Share” button. The DualShock 4 controller looks a lot like its predecessor’s but Sony spent a lot of time talking about one button that made it very different. Gamers will soon have the ability to record media and stream or upload it from their console. What does that change? Everything.

Right now videos are primarily being streamed by a small portion of console gamers. Most don’t have the equipment to hook up their console to their computer and aren’t willing to spend the money to get it. This leaves sites like YouTube and Twitch to be provided by those who took the next step. While the streaming community has grown tremendously in the last few years, the common gamer isn’t a part of it, and Sony is looking to change that.

Some people don’t get their news until they read it on FaceBook, and in a few months we can expect to see more games in our feeds. Instead of a friend telling the world they bought the latest FPS, they can show them dominating in a game of Team Deathmatch. When someone discovers a hilarious glitch they can post a clip of it to a forum instead of just describing it. There will be a time where we see a game from a coworker or relative before we see it on a blog. What is a better form of advertisement than seeing your good friend killing it in a fighting game. People can play in their football leagues and watch all of the games instead of just seeing the results posted.

eSports are typically played at a venue or through certain users with streaming capabilities. Users will be able to participate from their homes who normally would have to travel to be able to participate. Players who normally would only be able to watch tournaments online, will be able to organize their own. With everyone having the possibility to have the world watch them play, competitiveness will be higher than its ever been. Achievement points and trophies were last gen, in the next gen, video will be king.

Developers will be able to pinpoint glitches in the game by having players send in screen shots and video of the errors. This will make games more polished and help in the fight against falling through floors. Creators will have the ability to see how their games are played by more people, giving them a better idea of what they got right and wrong. This will lead to better games and a better experience.

Offline players who mainly care about the story, can record their favorite cut scenes, battles and endings to watch at a later date. Gamers can record a line of an encounter with a rare enemy or take a picture of the location of loot for a second play through.

There’s so many possibilities and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Some people will really take advantage of the new feature and we may wind up wondering how we played without it.


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