PS4 Games Will Sell For $60 And Under But How Much Will They Really Cost?

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 12.51.22 PMJack Tretton, SCEA CEO said to CNBC, Playstation 4 games will sell for a maximum of $60 dollars. This is big news because there’s been a lot of speculation whether next gen games will cost more money than PlayStation 3 titles but it’s been confirmed they won’t.

When asked about mobile games, Tretton described them as “additive experiences” that won’t stop gamers from leaving the console.

This generation has watched as DLC became a major selling point to gamers. Sure Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is $60, but with online passes and map packs, COD has become a $100 dollar a year experience for players. With the addition of mobile add ons for iOS, Android and Windows phones, could an app make the expense of a game even pricier?

Developers have the ability to keep their customers connected to a game now more than ever, and an add-on mobile app could be an amazing experience, but at what cost? With the release of the PlayStation 4 this holiday season we’ll all be voting with our wallets to show how much we’re willing to pay.


Source: CNBC


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